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Our Vision

Edge Dynamics is an up and coming Dutch company that strives to innovate in the IOT market. The team consists of ambitious young professionals that have broad experience in the oil and gas industry.

Our goal and strategy

Are progressively improving their center on advancement and sustainability. This gave birth to Edge Flow, that streamlines development and maintainability by executing sensors for interpretable information. Edge Dynamics conviction within the development of IOT and LoRaWan. Basically, since this makes a difference interpreting supportability and imaginative to day-to-day dialect and particular activities. No complex sensor innovation, no complex program and no complex commerce models. Edge Elements makes development and supportability reasonable and transparent.


We work with great companies

We place the highest demands on our service and products, so that our partners experience the best quality for each approach. This has leaded to very satisfied cooperation with global players and yet are many joining us! Interested in our products and services of our specialists? Then please feel free to contact us.

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Our core values

Customer-friendly, reliable and with integrity

Focused on a meaningful collaboration

Focused on establishing healthy growth for the partner