Our Services

Our service scope can be as little as a few sensors to an end to end solution which includes sensors, gateway and data visualization dashboard. We have tailored our product specifically for the industrial sector. Lastly, we can provide a maintenance contract to take the hassle away from your organization.

Free consult and advice

Based on the demands can trough consultation a tailored approach be determined.


  • Installation of the  IOT-LORAWAN smart transducer devices
  • Installation to The Things Network and Gateways
  • Installation to the Server and Cloud services


  • Data decoder  for the IOT-LORAWAN smart transducer devices
  • Software to the external Gateway, Server and Cloud services
  • Mobile application

Data Analytics

  • Data visualisation from the IOT-LORAWAN smart transducer devices
  • Reliability, environmental risk, optimal decision making and data analysis
  • Mathematical models for practical problems


  • Maintenance and management of the IOT-LORAWAN smart transducer devices